Dave Kinskey

Wyoming is at its best
when liberty is at its peak

Experience. Expertise. Our voice in Cheyenne.

Wyoming Roots

Raised on conservative values, Dave Kinskey grew up working on a family dairy processing plant in northeastern Wyoming.

A conservative leader

Standing up for our Wyoming way of life in Cheyenne, State Senator Dave Kinskey has been a champion for lower taxes, smaller government, more jobs, better schools, broader gun rights and the right to life.

Focused on the Issues That matter…

Keep taxes low & government small

While rising real estate prices have saddled Wyoming homeowners with huge property tax increases, governments at all levels have focused only on spending the new revenue. Dave believes that’s wrong. He has proposed cutting property taxes by raising the property tax exemption to $300,000. His legislation would…

  • Eliminate property taxes entirely for roughly 45% of Wyoming homeowners
  • Provide all Wyoming homeowners, particularly vulnerable seniors and middle-class families, with much-needed tax relief
  • Ensure local government and school districts still have the necessary basic funding, but without the runaway spending spree

Create jobs & rebuild Wyoming’s economy

  • Save our energy and mineral industries
  • Protect multiple use on public lands
  • Stop runaway utility rate hikes

Protect children and strengthen schools

  • Defend the unborn and promote adoption
  • Enact school choice and codify a parents’ bill of rights
  • Ban indoctrination on critical race theory and gender/sexuality education

Stand up for the constitution & defend gun rights

  • Prohibit economic boycotts of the firearms industry
  • Allow concealed carry in the Capitol
  • Fight “Red Flag” laws that take away guns without due process
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